T.H. Ponders

Writer, Sound Designer, Composer, Voice of The Wanderer

T.H. Ponders (they/them) is the creator of The Wanderer, Accession, and Mars Best Brisket. Their other credits include producing and sound designing for Open World, writing for Greater Boston, producing 1972, and script and story editing for Station Blue, Hit the Bricks, and Arden. The Accession episode “Take Me to the Water” was a 2020 Sarah Award Winner for Excellence in Audio Fiction. They are pretty bad at Mario.

Jordan Stillman

Producer, Publicist, Script Editor

Jordan Stillman (she/her) is a Boston-based writer, editor, producer, and actor. She’s a producer of The Ordinary Epic and The Wanderer podcasts, production assistant for The Land Whale Murders, and a writer for Greater Boston. Jordan has lent her voice to the podcasts Space Ranger 421 (Raven) and Take the Mass Pike (Rose). She is also a co-organizer of the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo.


Jeanette Berry

The Voice of The Forest

Jeanette Berry (they/them) is a singer, songwriter, educator, composer, and content creator navigating the Music and Art world in NYC. She’s got a new ep out entitled, Solivagant that can be found on all streaming platforms and her website,

Adam Qutaishat

The Voice of Andrew

Adam Qutaishat (any/all) is a multiracial actor, director, designer, teacher, writer, composer, and advocate working throughout the Midwest. Theatre highlights include work with Next Act Theatre, Skylight Music Theatre, Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Renaissance Theaterworks, Playwrights’ Center, and Music Theatre of Madison. Adam also writes, produces, performs in, and directs radio plays podcasts including WAIP, The All-Arcadians, The All-ArcaD&Dians, SHH, Athlos, and Vigil. Adam serves as Associate Artistic Director for Music Theatre of Madison and as an Artistic Associate for All In Productions.

Ishani Kanetkar

Narrator for "The Season"

Ishani Kanetkar (she/her) stumbled into voice acting halfway through a PhD program – and several years and a doctorate later, has completely failed to wander back out again. Among other audio drama appearances, you can hear her award-winning work as Arkady on The Strange Case of Starship Iris, as well as Em on The Godshead Incidental, Mahira on VALENCE, Gwen on Second Star to the Left, and Leona on Starfall. In her free time, she can usually be found on the internet, encouraging people to draw fanart of her characters with swords.


Asher Silverman

Artist and Designer

Asher (they/them) is an artist and podcast enthusiast hailing from NYC (at the moment.) In their spare time, Asher professionally plays Dungeons and Dragons, makes bite-sized digital art about gender, and prods Ponders into producing more podcasts. You can hire Asher to make art for you at, check out their now-defunct podcast Fuzzy Logic online, buy their stickers at, or follow their visual exploration of gender @gender_revel on Instagram.

Olivia Li


Olivia Li is a cartoonist and multidisciplinary artist living in New York City. She draws a lot of magical queer stories, and her body of work focuses mostly on mental health, introspection, and coming-of-age. Her favorite hobby is saving pictures of other people’s cats to her phone.

Guest Writers

Neil Johnson

Writer of "The Season"

Neil Johnson is an independent game developer, writer, and artist based out of Boston, MA.


Theo Wolf


Theo Wolf (they/them) a writer and editor out of Somerville, Massachusetts. When they’re not editing transcripts, they’re trying to convince their coworkers at the library that we should shut down early one night for an all-staff Dungeons and Dragons session.