Chapter Five: The Hunter

Show Notes



After cutting the forest, The Wanderer is chased through the forest by a hunter, trying to hold close to the Wander while being shot at. Can he find some peace? Or even an escape?



  • T.H. Ponders is The Wanderer
  • Jeanette Berry is The Forest


Written and Sound Designed by T.H. Ponders. Produced by Jordan Stillman. Music and Score by T.H. Ponders.


[With each shot we hear wood breaking. The Hunter is tearing up the forest as he tears through it. We hear the Wanderer running as fast as he can, and the rhythm of the wander is unceasing, unlike any wander we’ve heard before.]





Quick upon my heels he chases, through the thickets, bramble, racing, 

trying to keep pace with the wander’s sudden—[BANG!]


Focused on the rhythm, beating, breathing faster as the seething 

hunter rages onward cutting through the night with furious—[BOOM!] 


I can’t look back. I won’t look back. I already know his face.


Does my pulse or feet move faster? Was that last shot truly last, or 

is this ceaseless chase of madness only just begun?


It was just one branch that snapped, but when you cut, the forest cuts back. 

So I found myself forced to run, to run, to run—


Stalked by this hunter with his ever-firing gun—[BANG!]


I know his face, its creases, ceaseless

worries as his fury drives him, driving on the chase,


I’ve seen it when I look into a pool that’s still, and it is only 

gone upon some movement in the water’s glassy face.




His is mine, and mine is his. I know each scar and trace.

The forest will reveal your deepest demons from that place

you keep them locked away and set them chasing,

set your mind racing, ending any sense of ease. 

Asking, begging, aching for some way to appease.

But there is not, except to go, to run, to run, to run,

Hoping that you’re not between the sights of your own gun. [BOOM!] 


Up and over tree trunk fallen, following the Forest’s calling

Have I found a spot where I may stop and breathe?


It won’t be more than a moment’s respite, 

But I’ll take it. 

[Whispered] Breathe. Breathe. Slower! 


[A deep breath. A pause.]


Good. That’s good. Now find some place to go. Find some peace. 


[Sound of the Wanderer running a few paces and stopping again. As each quatrain of the sonnet builds, the soundscape changes from forest to field.] 


The tree behind our home, our home, our peace—

that place we chose to love, to build our life,

to hold each other through our joy and strife. 

It stands alone, no forest for our tree.


[The Wanderer shuffles forward to another tree.]


Go back. Find it again. Find it again. 


I’m looking for that day you held me,

and whispered everything would be alright.

I’m feeling for the arms that held me tight,

Pushed back my fears and proved I could be free.


I can’t remember what it was that set

my mind to spiral down and deep, only

that you were there with me beneath our tree.


That’s the memory, the place I want to get

us back to, back to home, to live, to be.

I do not stand alone, so long as you love me. 


[We hear footsteps walking towards The Wanderer, and a gun cock. The Wanderer turns to face the Devil. The wind begins to pick up, the Wander is blown away, the wind grows louder and louder as the scene goes on.] 



Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught. Caught you now. Nowhere to turn. Nowhere to hide. What to do now, Wanderer? There’s only but to face the consequences, to admit that you have failed. To give up. 


WANDERER [external] 

I won’t… I won’t… I won’t run any more. You don’t get to do this. You don’t get to tangle my guilt and my grief. I haven’t failed. And I won’t give up. I’m allowed to make mistakes. Others may not be so forgiving. I may not be the best at it myself. But Andrew forgives me. He always has. He always will. And maybe I can forgive myself, too. 


[The wind stops. Distant gunshot. The Devil is gone. And so is The Wander. The Wanderer crumples to the ground and slumps into a tree. He starts to cry.] 


WANDERER [external] 

I miss him… I miss him so much… 


[The Wanderer’s sobs of “I miss him so much” fade away as the night takes over.]


[Ad break.]


[Wind. Birds. A fire crackling.]


Carry on through the day,

Carry on through the night,

Carry on by my love,

Carry on by starlight.


You are loved. 

You are safe. 

You will make it through.

Carry on, carry on, carry on.


Carry on through the sadness,

Carry on through the grief,

Carry on by my love,

Carry on by belief,


That you are loved,

That you are safe,

That you will make it through.

Carry on, carry on, carry on.


Carry on through the day,

Carry on through the night. 

Carry on by my love, 

Carry on by starlight. 


You are loved, 

You are safe, 

You will make it through. 

Carry on, carry on, carry on. 


Carry on, carry on, carry on.