Below, you will find the audio, credits, and transcripts for each episode.

Prelude: Three Paths

While sitting around a fire, The Wanderer tells of the three ways of traversing the forest- taking the roads and paths, bushwhacking, and the oldest way- wandering.

Part One: The Wander

Chapter One: The Morning

The Wanderer confronts his devil as he tries to get started in the morning. Sometimes it’s easy to catch the wander. Sometimes it’s his greatest challenge.

Chapter Two: The Rain

While moving through the rain, The Wanderer slips and hurts his ankle. He has to make the choice between using some of his magic song on his own leg to keep going, or to wait and save his magic for whatever state he might find Andrew in.

Chapter Three: The Clearing

The Wanderer arrives at a clearing, with no way of hearing which way the wander has gone. He moves through the clearing, looking for a way out and something to hold onto to keep him going.

Chapter Four: The Ghost

Late into a night of wandering, The Wanderer sees Andrew, standing just ahead. But no matter how loudly he calls, he can’t seem to get Andrew to hear.

Chapter Five: The Hunter

After cutting the forest, The Wanderer is chased through the forest by a hunter, trying to hold close to the Wander while being shot at. Can he find some peace? Or even an escape?

Chapter Six: The Boar

As The Wanderer is loosing hope and patience, he stumbles across a boar with a broken leg. He is face with the choice of staying true to himself, or giving in to his exhaustion.